Our 3 Best Sellers & Why

1. Unisex Joey Pants

We were told that Unisex pants are risky. After all, male and female bodies are shaped differently. BUT, having worked tirelessly to design the perfect easy fit that works on both men and women’s bodies, we can proudly say that these Unisex Joey Pants are hands down our number 1 top seller. (Cue crowd cheer!)

People love them for their versatility; They can be worn rolled up over bathers to the beach and out to a casual lunch or dinner. And the 100% natural fibrous cotton/hemp fabric with the retro sports-style stripe paneling down the side of the legs elevates these pants to a cut above your regular lightweight cotton trousers.

The fact that the Unisex Joey Pants come in kid's sizes as well - and that you can #matchyourmini - is a double bonus!

1. Vienna Dress - kids and adults

While being at the highest price point in our debut VIVRE Resort ’23 Collection - due to it being made from 100% pure linen, the Vienna Dress, also in adult and kid's sizes, is selling thick and fast. When designing it, in truth, we had anticipated the Vienna Dress becoming a HEY JOEY staple, one we could continue to include in various collections in different fabrics, colors and prints. And we are right on with our projection.

Designed to flatter all shapes, heights and sizes, the Vienna Dress is an effortlessly elegant dress for any occasion.

Like much of the collection, the Vienna Dress has a retro-inspired vibe,  whispering 1970s Indian Ashram-meets linen moo moo - with an elegant and tres fem twist.

While the Vienna Dress is part of our Summer collection, it could be seen as trans seasonal. With long sleeves that have buttons at the cuff and made from thick woven pure linen, the Vienna dress will see you from Spring, throughout Summer and well into Autumn.

Fun fact, the Vienna Dress is named after our 6 year old daughter, Vienna.

1. Unisex Classic Joey T-Shirt - kids and adults

Who doesn’t love a simple white T?? And admittedly, our Unisex Classic Joey TShirt has some bragging rights; It’s made from 100% organic cotton that is thick and durable (think the way T-shirts used to be before fast fashion), it was carefully designed to effortlessly fit both male and female torsos in a slightly oversized way, with longer than unusual sleeves and a thick-ish neckband for an edgy effect, and features a small blue Joey embroidered emblem on the front bottom left of T.

HEY JOEY is an Australian circular, closed-loop label, using offcuts of adult designs to make kid's versions and incentivising its customers to recycle and resell their used clothing in an effort to address the fashion industry's epic waste problem. HEY JOEY clothes are made from 100% natural fibres, are 100% organic when possible, are durable ad moveable rather than ornamental, are designed intentionally, to last, and are made slowly and ethically.

The solution is circular - and we invite you to join the movement!