Inspired by the innate abundance of life and colour in our natural world, and with joie de vivre at its core, HEY JOEY is designed in Melbourne, and is an Australian circular clothing label and lifestyle brand for women, men, non binary folk and kids.

In fact, as parents to the youngest generation alive, HEY JOEY founders Viva Bianca and Tony Beliveau hold their kids, Vienna and River, as the source of inspiration behind their creativity and circular business model.

A die-hard consumer of designer fashion, actress, writer and content creator Viva, who had become increasingly awakened to the intersection of fast fashion and the climate crisis, also began to question what ‘sustainable fashion’ actually meant. Without holding itself accountable to the fashion industry’s epic waste issue – globally, we discard enough used-clothing to fill the entire Sydney Harbour each year, how sustainable could a brand really be?

Enter HEY JOEY. Australia’s first closed loop, circular clothing and lifestyle brand. 100% plastic free, HEY JOEY garments are made from 100% natural and recycled fibers, and offcuts are used to make kid versions of adult designs. (How often have you wanted to buy that cute kid's dress or top in YOUR size??!) And in HEY JOEY'S most recent collection, EARTH Resort '24, unsold styles have been repurposed into new ones.

And in addition to selling other sustainable, ethical and eco brands, HEY JOEY also curates a designer PRE LOVED collection, compiling labels such as Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Anine Bing and Ralph Lauren.
HEY JOEY founders invite you become more informed about your consumer choices, recognise your consumer power, and join the circular revolution!