What is ‘closed Loop?’
Good question! In the name of the youngest generation alive, HEY JOEY apparel is made from 100% natural fibres and is manufactured ethically, in small limited edition batches, in Bali. But we don't just stop there. HEY JOEY addresses the fashion industry's epic waste issue by using offcuts to make kid versions of adult designs AND asks its customers to send in their pre-loved clothing to be either resold as part of our PRE-LOVED label or recycled with our textile recycling partner – in exchange for meaningful discount vouchers on all HEY JOEY stock. In this way, HEY JOEY'S business model is both sustainable and circular, and can be referred to as 'closed loop'.

Through our website, a pop up will invite you to upload at least 2 pics (jpeg files) of your pre-loved garment. Our team will determine whether your garment is ‘resellable’ or ‘recyclable’. Either way, you will be provided with shipping info and a discount code for your HEY JOEY purchase. It’s ‘a garment for a garment’. So, for every pre-loved garment you send us, you will get a discount code on a new HEY JOEY garment.

The discounts are as follows:
Resellable pre-loved clothes = 35% discount code.
Recyclable pre-loved clothes = 15% discount code.

The solution is circular – and we invite you to join the movement!